Just like the LBD (little black dress), a white shirt is an essential in every woman’s closet. It goes with everything, thus, can be used to create different looks ranging from a corporate, casual, party wear, etc.

I decided to create two looks using the white shirt.

Formal wear: If you’re in the corporate world, then you’ll relate more with this look. Here I paired the white shirt with black pants, a neutral colour boyfriend blazer, black heels and a grab bag.








  • White Shirt: Macks & Spencer.
  • Blazer: H&M.
  • Black pants: Primark.
  • Bag:Lydc London.
  • Shoe: Dorothy Perkins

Alternatively, if you don’t fancy heels, then you can pair yours with a nice pair of flat shoes either neutral or coloured to make a statement. Also, if you don’t have a blazer, go for a duster jacket in any colour and you’ll be looking like a million dollar (winks).

Informal wear: I decided to go for an unconventional informal look LOL! Creating this look was exciting and hilarious because it isn’t my go-to look. If you know me, then you know how safe I can be with fashion. But this look screams “crazy”

I just had a crazy light-bulb moment and I thought, why not jump on it?! We all have a bit of crazy in us, so this is one way I decided to embrace mine.

Here, I paired the white shirt with a floral pants. I accessorised with an eyewear, body chain and a strap bag.

  • Pants: Gotten from T.k. maxx.
  • Eye wear: Amazon.
  • Body Chain: Diva accessories
  • Shoes: Vans official.
  • Strap bag: Gotten from a thrift store.

I can wear this for an art/creative function. If you want to switch things up more, then pair this look with a nice pair of sandal heels. You can also pair it with a ripped jeans or if you want to play safe, a high waist denim, with the shirt tucked in slightly…and you’re good to go!

Looking forward to creating more looks.

Thanks for reading.

(P.S. Pardon my edits, still learning)


Photography: Sandy(@sandratabansi)


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