Hmm…this match was literally a stroll in the park for Man City!

Game Analysis

Man-city dominated this match from start to finish.

There’s nothing much to talk about apart from Man-city coach Pep, using his new found formation for European games. Mendy the left back of Man-city is used as a pendulum for the club to attack its opponents.

It looks like Pep has found a new secret for unlocking defense in Europe, and being very solid at the back. Well…only time shall tell. Although, I was impressed by Man-city’s dominance after a very shaky start to their European competition. One could tell Shakhtar was overwhelmed by Man-city.


Basically, Man City dominated the match as they’ll easily dominate most matches this season which will be easy qualification from the group.

Man of the match: I will say the man of the match was David Silva. He opened the scoring and he was also instrumental in the attacking phase for Man-city and also in Man-city’s control possession of the game.

Flop of the match: Gabriel Jesus. He didn’t offer much in the attacking phase of Man-city and even when he tried to do, it didn’t come off well. He missed a couple of chances and  I think he’s still lacking confidence from the World Cup with Brazil.

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