It’s Champions league! So thought I’d review games that sparked my interest…leggo…

Manchester United Versus Juventus

As we’ve come to expect lately, Man-U was disappointing in this game. They hardly had any shot on target. Lukaku, Marshall and Rashford, were very well marshalled by the Juventus defence.

Honestly, I think Man-U lacks creativity, ideas, dynamism. I also think Man-U encounters some of these problems when they face teams that are very competitive. Moreso, I noticed in this match that Man-U has lost that “fear factor” that teams used to have when they come to visit old Trafford.

I was so disappointed in Lukaku, with his burly frame. I expected him to have a better hold-up play so as to ease the pressure off his team mates. As we know, Lukaku often goes missing in big matches and this was a very typical example.

Although, later on, I will give my thoughts on whether Lukaku is good enough to play for Man-U.

As for Juventus, the return of the great Ronaldo. Ronaldo was very lively during the match and that’s because Juventus bossed the first half.

From their passes and attacking intent, it was unlike a typical Italian team. It was like watching Barcelona in prime form. The deadly duo of Dybala and Ronaldo cost Man-U a lot of problems, but De-gea bailed Man-U on a lot of occasions with cat-like reflexes.

What I think??…

Personally, I think Juventus will easily win the return leg in Turin. I think they’ll easily finish first in the group, and it’s rightly so because of a great player like Ronaldo in their ranks. This might just be their year after suffering heartbreak in the final phases of the tournament.

Additionally, I believe Man-U will struggle but will finish second, but I doubt they’ll be able to compete in the latter stages of the tournament.

Man of the match: I will give the man of the match to David De-gea. He made multiple fine saves in the match especially the shot from Ronaldo. He practically kept Man-U in the match, if not Man-U could have conceded more goals.

Flop of the match: Romero Lukaku. He failed to impose himself in the match. He was shackled by the Juventus defence. Could have done more in my opinion.

Generally, with Juventus being one of the teams to look out for and power houses such as Manchester United and Real Madrid, who are failing to leave upto expectation, we might be in for a surprise this year and surely, I’ll be following it up closely and bringing you my thoughts.




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