It is no news that the declaration of Peter Obi as Atiku’s running mate didn’t sit well with some of the south-east leaders. “They” said that they weren’t duly consulted before the decision was made.

I literally laughed out loud when I saw that. It reminded me of Africa magic epic movies where one has to consult the gods before offering a sacrifice. I don’t think I’ll ever understand why politics in Nigeria has to be based on some sort of “godfatherism”.


Peter Obi isn’t a new name in the political sphere, seeing that he has had an eventful career in politics. I’ve always affiliated Peter Obi to the APGA (All Progressive Grand Alliance) party before he moved to PDP. He was the governor of Anambra state for 8 years, and his performance still speaks for him.

This is someone that left office with as much as N75 billion, and he still cleared the outstanding pension debt. He made sure no wages was owed when leaving. I mean, this is clearly a man that is a good manager of public resources.

However, the announcement of Obi being a possible VP of Nigeria was a kill-joy to some of the south-eastern political elites. This is due to reasons such as, people who had their own candidates from the region. There was also a case of Atiku not following due process to choose. Thus, it was more like Obi was forced on them and not their prime candidate.

What I think…

Personally, I saw this whole controversy as a hogwash.

Are the Igbo leaders working for the people or working for themselves? Is it so difficult to support your region figure? In my opinion, the major reason they were not in support of Obi is because they won’t be getting any returns. Therefore, they need someone that will bring in returns from the “national cake”, and it is obvious Obi won’t yield to their advances.

Igbo people have been divided from the beginning, I bet that 50% of Igbos won’t vote Peter Obi. This is because they feel he’s not “their guy” or “their first choice”.

A Hausa person will never think like that. This is why although Biafra would have been a giant nation today, the Igbos are just too segregated to stay together or agree on one thing. Everyone wants to be the leader, I’m sure if you ask an average Igbo governor or even minister they will insist that they should have chosen him, not Peter Obi.

I like the fact that Obi was already established before he came into power. It is rumored that he is part of the brains behind Heinz and Next cash & carry. He is also a board member at fidelity bank, just to name a few.

It is obvious that Atiku picked a fellow business man and also someone that will help revive the Nigerian economy if they come into power.  Personally, he was strategic by picking from the south-east because in return he has solidified his votes from the SE/SS.

Are the igbos not meant to be happy about this development?

Let’s discuss.




  1. Gloria chidinma Reply

    “My thoughts”
    I think the igbos leaders/Chiefs are being selfish and unreasonable here. They are not thinking of the good of the land but rather the good of themselves. Peter Obi is actually very befitting for this position and Atiku wasn’t day dreaming when he did his selection. Atiku knows what he want and for him to select Peter Obi, they are both out to work.
    The igbos should be an agent of change and see this as an opportunity to properly establish the skills and resources they have.

  2. You’ve said it all.
    The main challenge is that we igbo’s are not united and I doubt we will ever be anytime soon.

  3. The Igbo youths are sleeping, this culture of a thing has made, youths “powerless”

    • Esther Duruibe Reply

      We just have to hope and pray there will be better days.

  4. This is such a detailed analysis. The igbos truly need to decide which is more important to them; power or results. I feel Peter Obi is a man of results.

  5. The igbos are seemingly indifferent bout the situation so to speak . The political juggernauts are looking ahead. After Atiku’s tenure, Presidential slot shall be zoned to the South East of which Peter Obi after serving as VP now stands qualified. Again APC presidential ticket after 2023 shall be zoned to the East too. You know Igbos have not ruled. Meanwhile a chieftain is set to move to APC. Another says he will campaign for Buhari. Well Politics is a game. Everyone wants where it will be sweet for them. We are watching

    • Esther Duruibe Reply

      I don’t believe they are indifferent about the situation but I respect your opinion. As you said, we are watching.
      Thanks for your input.

  6. I think Igbo is the best black civilized race maybe after zulu. But our leaders have allowed their mindset to be clouded with sentiment and favoritism, but what may be the case, what matters is that Obi has been chosen and the process in which he was chosen is not unconstitutional, so to me it’s due. Then my questions are, must Igbo leaders be told before picking theirs as a running mate to a president? Why must they be informed, apart from Ohaneze which is considered baseless forum who have also sold their cultural rights to the hausas and the fact that we’re called Igbos, is there any other strong body, forum, or organisation of Ndi-Igbo aside politics? If no, then i perceived conspiracy and jealousy. If yes, then there’s no need for party politics in Igboland…… If their problem was/is still, not being told before the selection of Obi as VP aspirant, then, there should have been a compliment(Congratulation) and a ‘BUT’ before complaint(We weren’t informed). But to me one way or the other, they clowns… My thoughts tho

  7. folorentorium Reply

    You made some decent points there. I looked on the internet for the topic and found most persons will agree with your blog.

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