Hmm…Let’s just say my expectations were cut short.

Before going further, it’s best I give a brief description of the movie.


It was shot in the federal capital territory, a story of four friends: Ayo, Amaju, Naz and Remi Martins, who are popularly known as “Merry men”. They are considered to be Abuja’s top eligible bachelors due to their show of fast cars, successful businesses, luxurious homes, and an atmosphere of beautiful women, who refer to them as “the real yoruba demons”. They basically steal from the corrupt Nigerian politicians and give to the less priviledged.

The main characters are; Ramsey Nouah, AY, Jim Iyke, Falz, Damilola Adegbite, Osas Ajibade, Rosy Meurer, and Ireti Doyle.


The movie was OK, my mind wasn’t blown as I expected anyways due to the rave. The visuals were STUNNING, the comedy was OK, but at a point became boring to me, it felt like the jokes were being forced in some scenes.

The acting was OK. I want to believe that the intention was to play their personalities or near-personalities so it will look natural because there wasn’t a WOW acting moment.

There’s no specific actor I can say to look forward to in the movie but if being partial, I will say Damilola Adegbite because her character included some tough lady part, which was refreshing to see than the usual “lover girl” character…which was there ofcourse!

OMG! the accents by a few actors was a NO. What happened to embracing your natural accent? most especially if you were not born and bred in the abroad? Most Nigerians locally are eloquent speakers… the accents flying around in the movie just screamed fake.

The overall concept of the movie was fair, there’s really nothing spectacular about it. Although, this movie wasn’t intended to pass a meaningful message (or so I thought). I stand movies with a form of depth to it and I felt the story line could have been better.

In fact, everything about the movie could have been better.

I do not want to be a spoiler by saying too much, so go see the movie and let me know what you think!

Meanwhile, watch the trailer here




  1. sandra Tabansi Reply

    I agree! This review is so on point!! Weldone. I look forward to more.

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