Cute is when a person’s personality shines through their looks. Everytime you see them you just want to run up and hug them- Natalie Portman.

 That is how I see Kelechi Mgbemena.








A bubbly lady, generous to a fault, beautiful, smart, resourceful, exotic, reserved and determined. I can go on but that will be too much, LOL!

Reminiscing on when she made a decision to start this “celebrity life” as I like to tease her…as a friend I supported but also had my reservations because the necessary tools for YouTube were not personally available at that time , but being her, she said “I’ll make use of my phone and as it progresses it’ll get better”.

my photography skill wasn’t bad hey!

From when we shot the first relationship video on her channel using her phone, to being her muse for a crochet DIY, to getting her camera, helping her with snapping pictures sometimes when I go visiting or vice- versa, and also being her “filter” and general critic (though she has abandoned me now lol). It is safe to say, it did get better!

She has and is still carving a niche in the beautosphere, with her fun and creative videos that not only makes people excited but also inspired by her resilience and hardwork. And oh! her video editing skill is admirable.

Kelechi is amazing, and it is worth making her a style feature.


Check her out on instagram: @kelechick_m and personal website




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